The Layover EP (CD/DVD)

The Layover EP (CD/DVD)

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Limited Deadstock - Original Pressing CD

Original Decon release of The Layover EP available on double disc as CD/DVD. 

CD Tracklist:

CD-1. The Layover

CD-2. For Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Phonte, Blu, &

CD-3. So Fresh (Step Brothers)

CD-4. Solitary Confinement (feat. Krondon)

CD-5. Don’t Hate (feat. Defari)

CD-6. My Favorite Part Of Traveling [Interlude]

CD-7. Far Left (feat. The Alchemist & Fashawn)

CD-8. Rain Or Shine

CD-9. To Be Determined (feat. Elzhi & Aloe Blacc)

CD-10. The Cold Weather

DVD Music Videos:

DVD-1. The Layover (Directed by Jason Goldwatch)

DVD-2. Solitary Confinement (Directed by Jason Goldwatch)

DVD-3. Don't Hate (Directed by Jason Goldwatch)

DVD-4. Far Left (Directed by Punit Dhesi)

Bonus Videos

DVD-5. Mr. Slow Flow (Directed by Jason Goldwatch)

DVD-6. Chase The Clouds Away (Directed by Nick Goosen)