EV Vision Care (Red Eye Drops)
EV Vision Care (Red Eye Drops)
EV Vision Care (Red Eye Drops)

EV Vision Care (Red Eye Drops)

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  • 0.28 fl. oz bottle of EV Vision Care Red Eye Drops to provide dry eye relief and protection from further eye irritation
  • These sterile moisturizing eye drops provide soothing relief of dry, gritty and irritated eyes and are designed to work like real tears
  • The hydrating drops lubricate eyes, feature polyethylene glycol 400 and contain 10 ingredients found in your own natural tears
  • Helps relieve dry eye symptoms such as burning and irritation due to activities such as extended screen use while also helping to protect against further eye irritation.
  • EV Vision Care Red Eye Drops are available in a small, convenient-to-carry bottle for convenient relief anywhere, even on-the-go

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